Get instant access to your favorite Apps. Data consumers could visualize reports and dashboards with the Apps page without opening a Dataflow.

What is the Dataflow Manager?

Dataflow Manager is the main page when you select and enter a Project. This is where you see all the dataflows and sources that belong to that project.

What is a Data App?

Data App is the workspace where dashboards, data notebooks, and reports are built. You could share apps with your organization or external stakeholders from this workspace.

Where Do I Find Starred Apps?

Apps and Starred Apps are located on the left menu in the Dataflow Manager.

  1. Apps - all of the Data Apps shared within your organization.
  2. Starred Apps - the Apps marked with a star which have extra importance.

How Do I Star an App?

You could Star an App in two ways

  1. From the Apps page.
  2. Within an App.

A black star identifies Starred Apps. You could remove the Star at any time by clicking on it - it will turn white to show that it is no longer Starred.

1. From the Apps page.

You could scroll through your Apps and click on the star to mark it in your Starred Apps. If you're not sure what the App contains, click on the App card to open it to view it first.

2. Within an App.

You could also star an app shared with you by external collaborators (i.e., users not in your organization). Click on the URL link shared with you to open the app, then click on the star to save the app to your Starred Apps.