This week we focused on improving 3D geometry export for the Revit plugin.


We added the option to select the detail level of objects when sending 3D data. Like the options in Revit, this sharpens the display of objects in the model viewer.

Below is a Revit model set to detail level "Fine". In the tutorial, we export a version of the file for each detail level option and show the differences.

Revit 2021 - 3D Detail Levels

Where do I find this option?

This option is located in the Send Options at the bottom left of the plugin window. Revit 3D Export has 3 new options

  1. Coarse: Lowest detail level.
  2. Medium: Moderate detail level.
  3. Fine: Highest level of detail


Where do I download the Revit plugin?

Go to the Integrations section in, find Revit and click download plugin.