This is an exciting week for BIM360 users as we have extended the list of data we can pull. Transform data from RFIs, Issues, and more to stay on top of your projects.

What is BIM360?

BIM360 is a cloud service for AECO professionals that facilitates project management from design to handover.

What Data Can I Expect?

You have access to the following data from your BIM360 account:

  1. Folders
  2. Folder Contents
  3. RFIs
  4. Issues
  5. Cost Items
  6. Change Orders

Where do I Get BIM360 Data?

You can use the Get Data button at the Project level or within a Dataflow.

Navigate to the Sources tab in a Project and click on Get Data. Select which integration you would like to get data from and enter your credentials (username and password). After authentication, choose which data you want to import and click Import. 

Navigate to the Sources tab on the left in a Dataflow and click on Get Source. Choose which data you want to import and click Import.