We are excited to announce our new downtime feature for automations! This powerful new feature allows you to optimize your automation scheduling, ensuring that your automations run only when needed, thus improving efficiency and reducing unnecessary resource usage.

The downtime feature enables you to define specific periods during which your automations will be paused. Within the automation panel, you can set time-based triggers to determine when an automation runs, and then add a downtime for each trigger. For instance, you can set a downtime for every Monday or specify a time range during which the automation should not run.

Please note that the ability to set a downtime may vary depending on the frequency interval of your automation.

By incorporating downtime into your automation scheduling, you can prevent automations from running during periods of inactivity or overlapping with other tasks. This not only helps you manage your resources more effectively but also ensures that your automations are executed at the most opportune times, maximizing their effectiveness and minimizing any potential disruptions.

Watch our full tutorial video below to learn more about downtime for automations.