How to use data analytics to drive better project and business outcomes

Featured Speakers

Get practical advice from speakers at Black & Veatch, Gaylor Electric, and Henderson Engineering.

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Each panelist will present practical advice on transforming data into insights, and how to bring all of your data to every decision.

In this session, our speakers will provide their experiences and best practices for data operations and analytics strategies that solve problems and drive better outcomes by better utilizing data.

You’ll learn about:

  • How Henderson Engineering is building a data warehouse, why it's important, and advice on how to get started with warehousing today.
  • How Gaylor Electric uses cleaned, transformed, and modeled data for insights to drive decision-making that improves operations and performance.
  • And how Black & Veatch established data science, AI practices, and advanced operations to build a data culture that values uncovering actionable insights.

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Featured Speakers

Construction Data & Analytics Leaders

Josh Edwards

Global Director of Data Science & Operations

Josh Edwards is a global data and digital leader recognized for using technologies and analytics to deliver superior business results. His 27+ years of experience have yielded deep practical expertise and skills in data science, technology, data monetization, partnership development, and change management.

Josh leads the Black & Veatch data science and operations teams using advanced data analytics and technology to better inform business decisions that drive operations and growth.

Dustin Schafer

Chief Technical Officer

Dustin believes that thoughtful design is at the core of good engineering. Through his role as the chief technical officer at Henderson, he pushes to go beyond the basic mechanics of engineering to arrive at solutions that are as artful as they are functional.Driven by his genuine desire to add value to the relationships he has with both clients and coworkers, he's a trusted adviser to many.

Dustin takes Henderson's vision to be the firm that builds a better world to heart as he emphasizes innovation, quality, and humanity each and every day.

Jack Hineman

Vice President Of Business Intelligence

Through the past 18+ years of experience, Jack has gained a deep understanding of crucial areas of business operations and developed a passion for analyzing and organizing company data.

Jack’s mission is to lead a data-driven culture within our organization while providing means to effectively digest valuable insights that will assist Gaylor Electric in making more intentional business decisions. In his role as Vice President of Business Intelligence and Brand, Jack aims to lead the company to uncover new insights through advanced data analytics.