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Last updated on
December 9, 2023

Components Overview

Components are elements of a dataflow that can be saved as a single block for repeated use within the same dataflow or in other dataflows within your organization's account. But why do we need them? Components are a time-saving feature that eliminates the need to recreate the same part of a dataflow from scratch.

How to Create a Component


  1. Open the Model Root flow or any other dataflow in a document.
  2. Identify the nodes in the flow that should be a part of the component.
  3. Group select the nodes you want to include in the component.
  4. Click on the Create Component button (represented by a plus shield icon) on the contextual toolbar.
  5. Rename the component by clicking on the "Component" name.
  6. At this point, the component is local to the dataflow. If other users need access to the component, it must be published.
  7. To publish the component, click on the component. Once the contextual toolbar appears, click on the Publish Component button (represented by an export icon) and fill in the required fields such as name and description. Then, click Publish on the top right.
  8. The component is now available in the organization's library.

How to Update a Component

Step by Step:

  1. Click on the component. On the contextual toolbar, click the "Edit Component" (pencil icon).
  2. Once the component flow opens up, make the necessary changes and exit the component flow by clicking back to the parent dataflow.
  3. Click the component again and click the "Publish Component" button. On the top right corner of the Publish window, click "Publish Changes".
  4. Provide a description for the update from the current version to the new version to track the updates and the reasons for the update.
  5. Click "Publish Changes".

How to Unpublish a Component

Step by Step:

  1. Follow the same steps as above to Create a Component
  2. Click on “Publish Component” to publish the Component to your Teamspace.
  3. Once on the Manage Component page, click on “Unpublish” at the bottom of the page to unpublish your created Component.
  4. Click on “Unpublish Component” to confirm the choice.
  5. Restart the Publishing process to make the Component available in the Teamspace.

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