The Construction Analytics Platform

Leverage project, BIM design and finance data to get data-driven bids, estimation and progress tracking workflows.

Integrate design, finance, and project data for data driven bidding, estimation and progress tracking
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Leverage your data without building a full data-infrastructure

Fast Reporting

Fast Reporting

Reduce the amount of effort it takes to get an answer

Build a Historical Database

Build a Historical Database

The more data you have, the more intelligence you will gain

For GCs and Construction Managers Looking to Leverage Data Analytics

Avoid building internal ad-hoc data solutions. Leverage Toric to augment your delivery today:

  • Identify successful projects.
  • Use historical data to help on bidding and estimation.
  • Drive higher margins with tightly controlled progress reporting apps.

Using BIM Data for Cost Estimation

Use Toric’s integrations to pull model data and drive a repeatable estimation process.

  • Inspect model quality and report errors.
  • Filter and augment model data with cost codes, pricing information and scheduling.
  • Increase accuracy of bidding and estimation, and add a verifiable history of model changes.

Cost Effective
Fast Reporting

Leverage Real-time Reporting

Toric brings tools like PROCORE, Autodesk Build, BIM and financial tools together.

  • Realtime reporting capabilities. Reports are always updated.
  • Join data across systems to create a unified view.
  • Avoid dead dashboards by leveraging realtime data-apps, with in-depth controls.

Augment Your Digital Delivery

Add value to your project delivery and keep your clients informed with accurate data.

  • Increase trust with clients with a scalable approach to BI.
  • Improve collaboration with all project stakeholders by keeping a single active data pipeline.
  • Increase project value by delivering data solutions to your customers.
Build a Historical Database

Pre-built data apps for Construction

Start from real-world templates that deliver the value you need, at a fraction of the time. Avoid building ad-hoc pipelines for your next project.

Integrate with your existing tool stack

Built-in integrations – so you don't have to start from scratch.

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”Toric has enabled us to aggregate business data, project data, and even opensource data sources all in a central location.”

Steve Fox

”Toric brings data management to the everyday user, we’re excited about their innovative approach to leverage data-flows more efficiently.”

Ben May
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