Gamuda Automates Data Movement Across Projects in Near Real-Time with Toric

Notable projects include:

• Manually creating and writing data into Google BigQuery pipelines, demanding extensive coding knowledge.
• Efficiently and accurately managing data transfer from disparate sources like P6, SAP, and AutoDesk.


✔ Automating the creation of data pipelines with no code knowledge required — democratizing access across departments.
✔ Streamlining data pipelines by automating data ingestion and writing data into BigQuery.
✔ Centralizing data traffic into one unified ingestion platform.

Gamuda Unlocks Scalable and Cost-Effective Data Piping From Autodesk, Oracle Primavera, and SAP Into Google BigQuery for Downstream Reporting and Analytics in PowerBI

I think Toric has been the missing link for us for a long time. We’ve tried dabbling in building our own data pipelines, but it takes a lot of effort. We’re very thankful that tools like Toric exist to help us do this kind of seamless data integration. Toric is helping Gamuda make the best use of our data by making it easily accessible so that large commercial contractors like us can focus on delivering best insights, and decision making for our projects.

John Lim Ji Xiong

John Lim Ji Xiong, Chief Digital Officer,  Gamuda Berhad


Gamuda relies heavily on data processing and consumption to enhance on-site efficiency and productivity. However, they faced several significant challenges:

Data Fragmentation: Gathering data from diverse sources, such as progress forms, site diaries, and safety reports, posed challenges, obscuring visibility at construction sites.

Lack of Centralization: Without a centralized platform to consolidate data from these diverse sources, Gamuda's data teams had to manually create data pipelines and input data into BigQuery. This manual process led to constant data updates, slowing down the teams and preventing construction teams from accessing real-time insights.

Cost Accumulation: To address data pipeline gaps, Gamuda often had to hire entire data teams or vendors for individual project data pipelines, resulting in increased costs.

Inefficient Data Flow: Gamuda also lacked an effective data pipeline architecture to manage data movement from systems like Primavera P6, SAP, and ACC Build to Google BigQuery. This bottlenecked the data transfer to Power BI, causing delays and outdated insights.


Toric presents a streamlined solution to address the cost and time challenges Gamuda faces.

Toric enables quick integration, ensures seamless access to data, and consolidates data. This translates to potential delays, escalated operational costs, and complexities in managing intricate construction data, such as P6 and ACC data. Toric's platform is tailored to handle these challenges. It offers the capability to extract intricate construction data efficiently, without the requirement for extensive coding skills. This means that less technical resources can effectively transform and migrate data to a centralized database or data warehouse, work which is typically performed by high-paid engineers. By doing so, Toric helps to expedite the generation of insights, all the while mitigating operational expenditures. 


Gamuda employs Toric as its principal no-code platform, streamlining data pipelines and managing data movement seamlessly.

Gamuda Leverages our no-code data pipeline platform to:

  • Collect data across projects from different softwares.
  • Organize the collected data for each project separately.
  • Store the data in Google BigQuery, Data Warehouse.

Toric delivered massive benefits in:

  • Cost: Gamuda reduced its cost per data pipeline by 80%.
  • Productivity Boost: Gamuda has significantly increased its efficiency by accessing data over half a million times through Toric. What's more, they've used Toric to set up more data connections in one year than they did in the entire previous year.
  • Resources: Toric democratizes data extraction across multiple departments, saving Gamuda, on average, 15 additional hires (est ~$1.875M USD/a year) that would solely focus on data pipeline creation.

Toric has successfully eliminated Gamuda’s data bottlenecks by facilitating data extraction from P6, SAP and Autodesk and seamlessly structured and moved their data to their Google Big Query warehouse. This resulted in Gamuda saving the costs of hiring and seeking out well-paid talent to build data these connections.

Without racking up extra costs or sacrificing quality, Gamuda now has a process for data pipelines that meets the scale and speed their rapidly expanding business requires.

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