December 14th, 2023

11am PT

AI in Construction

AI Copilot Built for Your Data

Join us for a special announcement as we reveal a new type of AI Copilot built for construction and beyond.

We are excited to announce the next phase of Toric, as we transition from being a data movement and ingestion platform to becoming an AI-powered copilot for all your data.

Join us as we announce three core pillars to our new AI Copilot:

  • Fix: Clean up and enrich your data automatically. Automate away all the busywork and unnecessary complexities of managing massive amounts of messy data.
  • Chat: Get answers from your data in seconds. Ask any question about your project’s documents (RFIs, submittals, contracts, change orders, drawings, and more).
  • Generate: Create summaries and visualizations. Put AI to work to sift through all the noise and create impressive responses, summaries and visualizations around teams, projects or anything else.
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