January 28, 2022

New Field Calculator

This week you gain the power of transforming fields with mathematical operations and data interactivity.

Field Calculator

Quickly transform one or many data fields (i.e., columns) with mathematical operators. Choose to perform operations on one or multiple columns or quickly transform the values in record by a constant value.

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Chart Cross-Filtering

Data interactivity is all about charts communicating with each other in a Data App. Setting a chart to Cross-Filtering, when data is selecting in the same chart or any other chart within the same Data App - the values will reduce to that selection.

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Core Node Library
Data Apps

Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  1. Undo and redo not working in the Data App.
  2. Table field resizing in the Data App.
  3. Evaluation of average for units and currency data type.
  4. Filter node crash.
  5. Append node to match columns when ID and type match.
Week 4: Patches & Bug Fixes
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Week 4: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 4: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 4: Patches & Bug FixesWeek 4: Patches & Bug Fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes