May 25, 2022

3 New Integrations


We're updating our website, so you won't hear from us in the next two weeks 😔. In the meantime, we're still working hard to deliver new features in visualizations and integrations.


Integrating with PlanGrid gives you access to your project management data -RFIs, Tasks, and more as we continue to roll out more integrations in the coming weeks.

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Hilti ON!Track

ON!Track lets construction professionals keep tabs on their tools at all times - Toric makes transforming, analyzing, and visualizing asset data easy by removing the expert knowledge of a programmer.

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Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)

Direct access to FRED. No, not your best friend from high school 😀- Federal Reserve Economic Data. With thousands of datasets, some dating back to the 1940s - tap into FRED to start transforming and analyzing actual economic data without code.

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Data Apps

Patches & Bug Fixes

Also in this week's release, we added the following fixes:

  • • Data App does not start with a blank page.
  • • Promote headers update bug.
  • • Multi-selection in charts does not work.
Week 21: Patches & Bug Fixes
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Week 21: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 21: Patches & Bug Fixes
Week 21: Patches & Bug Fixes Week 21: Patches & Bug Fixes
Patches & Bug Fixes