How to Use Construction Data for Analytics

In this webinar series, learn how you can commit to data-driven decision making - using better, more connected data.


Webinar Series


30 min


Every other Tuesday - 2pm EST

Part 1: 2/22/2022 - Step 1: BIM Data Extraction & Integration

Part 2: 3/08/2022 - Step 2: Data Transformation

Part 3: 3/22/2022 - Step 3: Data Visualization & Distribution

What You Will Learn

Every construction company needs to accomplish two things- manage risk and keep costs low. To do this successfully you need to collect and manage data from all of your sources in a simple and scalable way with reusable data apps.

In this webinar series, learn the best approach to extract, manage, and share your data with Toric’s no-code data workspace.

Step 1 - BIM Data Extraction & Integration

  • Find the easiest way to leverage project, BIM design, and finance data.
  • Featured BIM data sources include: Autodesk Build, Revit, Navisworks, Procore, BIM 360.

Step 2 - Data Transformation

  • Learn how to do repeatable and non destructive data transformation & avoid costly problems with higher quality models.

Step 3 - Data Visualization & Distribution

  • Create beautiful interactive reports that impress your clients in the form of data apps.
  • Learn how data apps integrate with your current workflow in Sharepoint, Notion, and more.

Featured Speakers

Thiago da Costa
Thiago da Costa
CEO and Cofounder of Toric
Dov Amihod
Dov Amihod
Diana Bronakowska
Diana Bronakowska
Marketing Manager
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah

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