Learn How Toric Will Help You in Five Steps

Toric brings together your diverse toolsets and data into a single workspace, allowing your team to explore, extract, share, and automate what is relevant.

Connect All of Your Data

Connect data sources, files and live apps to Toric. Torics integrations and plugins allow you to get insights with real-time data.

Transform Data in App

Select, Breakout, Group, Sort, Filter and much more. Toric gives you the power to rearrange, remap and reorder data, without coding. Handle millions of records interactively.

Create Data Visualizations

Create meaningful data visualizations to populate dashboards and reports with the ease of drag & drop.

Data Apps

Add context to your data story by adding charts, typography, and interactive elements to your visualizations.

Automate the Process

Dataflows can be easily transformed into entire automation pipelines with triggers and actions. Update on remote data changes, send emails, and more. Configure once and just let it run.

Connect All

Connect directly to your data, wherever it is. Toric enables your team to collect data from multiple sources and leverage a single pipeline for data analysis. Use our integrations to push and pull data and update your dashboards in real-time.

Toricverse Templates

With Toricverse templates you have a library of Dataflows ready to go.
Calculate Floor Area

Get a summary of floor area, for each floor in a building design.

Project Cost Summary

Bottom up roll up the cost of a project by summarizing the values and quantities.

Construction Materials Catalog

A list of all materials involved in a project.