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Save time and money by synchronizing data collaboration and obtaining real-time data insights in an all-in-one, no-code data workspace.

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Connect all data sources in Toric. Utilize integrations or API access to update your dashboards in real-time.


Foster cross departmental collaboration through templates and improve consistency with reusable Dataflows.


Derive value from data instantly with data visualizations, streamlined reporting, and synchronized insights.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Exporting data from Revit was never was as easy as it is today with Toric. I can use it to manipulate my data how I want and see the results instantly. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need extensive IT knowledge to manipulate your data and see it working.
Carlos BIM Leader

No More Data Silos

Connect data sources, files, and live apps to Toric for real-time insights by leveraging Toric's integrations.

Consolidate data from various sources and leverage a single pipeline for analysis.

Don't see the integration you need? 

Get expedited integrations as an Enterprise customer.

Easy Data Collaboration


With cloud collaboration, the days of combining multiple data sources and wrestling with outdated versions becomes a thing of the past.

Reusable Dataflows

Forget building complex formulas, or scripts. With Toric, teams build smart Dataflows without code. Pull from any data set and automatically feed reports.

Unlimited Projects

Take advantage of reusable templates and workflows across multiple teams and projects with no restrictions.

Share Insights Instantly

Instantly identify what's on and off track.  
Get insights and share reports directly from Toric. Get actionable data and tell your data story in real-time in a dashboard or build a snapshot report.  Dashboards and reports can be updated instantly and viewed from anywhere.

Simplified Deployment

Get up and running quickly.

Toric can compliment your current workflow. We’ll customize our implementation program to the needs of your organization. We offer multiple training sessions to our enterprise customers to help guide you on dataflows and integrations with continued support from a dedicated expert.

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