How A Toric & Procore Partnership Connects Construction Data

Working more efficiently, communicating better, and building faster- that's the impact Procore has made with project management in construction.  We are proud to partner with a company that has been instrumental in digital transformation in construction. We hope to propel the industry forward in the next frontier - data.

Driving Digital Transformation In Construction

Just as Procore is dedicated just to construction project management - Toric is a data platform built specifically for the construction industry.

Why? Our founder Thaigo da Costa began his journey into construction technology when my company Lagoa was acquired by Autodesk. Lagoa was a cloud-based 3D mechanical CAD and visualization software that was used for model design. After spending years at Autodesk and as a developer and data professional, da Costa became very close to the frustrations all construction professionals go through when managing and mitigating risks for construction projects.

This partnership is key to better connecting construction data- either from varying projects in Procore or sources. They allowed users to connect to historical data, model data, finance data and more and create interactive and reuseable data apps.

Here is what Doug Gibson, Business Development Manager for General Contractor Partnerships at Procore has to say: 

"We're excited to welcome Toric to the Procore partner ecosystem. Customers can use Toric's integration with Procore to unlock data and even combine multiple data sources together for quality decision making using data— Customers can create reports in minutes instead of days and make better quality decisions because they have better data."

The Advantages Of Connected BIM & Project Data

With the right data solutions- general contracts organizations can gain a competitive edge.

1) Effortless and efficient client presentations

In the current state of data management- too much time is spent prepare the data for presentation. We wanted to help construction professionals cut down and automate data visualizations. By connecting directly to data sources and enabling data apps to be reusable, we can support construction professionals in presenting their data effectively to clients.

2) Making decisions quickly to stay on budget & reduce risk

Delivering on budget has always been a challenge and risk for the construction industry.

By presenting your project or model with data behind it – you back your decisions, cost, KPI's against specs. This goes a long way to fast track a project and client decisions.

3) BIM model analytics

A BIM model analytics dashboard should be easy to build, always updated, and (once setup) take absolutely no time from anyone else.

4) CI/CD for BIM models

Imagine you get to the end of the project with a clean BIM model that can be confidently shared with key stakeholders or run scenarios based on project decisions. Today, that is just not the case.

Companies spend a ridiculous amount of time bottlenecked on data or model cleanup/preparation at the end of the project (at a high cost) because model-analysis is a one-of events. The secret here is continuous BIM model Auditing and the end of project crunch.

5) Company knowledge & historical data

Having your data pulled directly from sources and your historical information can create better estimates and predictions around projects, roadblocks, and completion times.

Create a Single Source of Truth.

Procore is leading the construction industry in digital transformation as a key leader in project management. This partnership is game-changing for data. With Toric we will lead digital transformation in construction by creating a single source of truth for projects and project changes from design, build and management.

Join us in our webinar series "How to Use Construction Data for Analytics" to learn more.

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