What Autodesk Data Can You Unlock with Toric?

Toric & Autodesk's announcement comes with exciting news for all who wish to put all their construction data to work. In this blog, we will cover where Toric can help and what data you can harness from Autodesk's key construction software, including Autodesk Construction Cloud, Desktop Softwares, and Legacy Products.

Toric helps connect all systems through data regardless of where the data comes from.

Toric helps construction professionals put their data to use from disparate sources to enable users to make better decisions and trust their data. Whether the data comes from cloud-based software, desktop products & projects, spreadsheets, legacy products, or warehouses. Toric can automate data ingestion, provide real-time reports, and even build a useable historical data base with cleaned data. A key benefit is tracking projects across time with automatic versioning and automations.

Learn more about how Toric connects data in Part 1 of our Construction Data Analytics Webinar Series.


Now let’s explore what data is available from Autodesk.


What is Autodesk Construction Cloud?

Autodesk has created a new home for all of their powerful software- now in the cloud.

With Autodesk Construction Cloud you can reduce rework and manage risk through thoughtful collaboration.  Autodesk Construction Cloud combines Autodesk's construction products into one unified solution to keep your crew aligned from project design to construction and operations. The primary pillars of Autodesk Construction Cloud include BIM Collaborate Pro, Take-Off, and Autodesk Build. 

Autodesk construction cloud provides a new way to manage an entire project lifecycle. Starting with more robust design collaboration, document management, proactive quality management, and data insights to manage risks. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro - Design Collaboration

BIM Collaborate Pro is a model coordination and design collaboration solution. View BIM Design Changes in the cloud and experience real-time BIM Collaboration. Easily access issues across Navisworks and Revit to fix models, validate designs, and close out issues.

Autodesk TakeOff - Quantification and Scope Analysis

Take Off allows pre-construction teams to win more work and deliver projects on budget.  As a 2D & 3D quantification solution use Take Off to create more accurate Bids based on quantification type or material and export cost to excel. 

Autodesk Build - A new home for construction management 

Connect teams and workflows during construction. Field management, project collaboration, and cost controls. A toolset for connecting between the office, trailer, and job site which lets its users manage, share and access project data. 

With Toric’s integration to Build the user can access their project files, issues, forms, assets, RFI’s, cost management, docs and so much more in one location. 


Autodesk Revit - The Standard for Construction Design

What is Autodesk Revit? 

A foundational tool used by architects to design and analyze building information models.

What kind of data can you pull from Revit in Toric?

Toric’s plugin for Revit allows extracting specific BIM data such as architecture data, structure data, and project information. Making it easy to reuse data transformation for new versions and projects, interact with design data and export the transformed BIM data.

What can you do with Revit data?

By blending your Revit data with other data sources you unlock a world of analysis that helps streamline every part of the asset’s lifecycle from start to end.

Autodesk Navisworks - Clash Data

What is Autodesk Navisworks?

A tool to review 3D models by combining models, navigating around them, and comparing versions.

What kind of data can you pull from Navisworks in Toric?

With the Toric plugin, users can use Navisworks and Revit Data to create clash reporting and send updated reports and dashboards to stakeholders or colleagues using an embeddable link. The user can send the latest clash reports at any time and the report updates with the most recent data.

Autodesk Civil 3D - Revit For Civil Planning and Infrastructure.

What is Autodesk Civil 3D?

A civil project tool for land development, water and transportation projects.

What kind of data can you pull from Civil 3D in Toric?

Users can push endless versions of 3D data and analyze models by element type, family type, or status.

It’s simple to analyze schedules, by building your Dataflows once and leveraging the power of Toric to update every time new data comes through. Your data consumers will love the ability to filter through the model in a report or dashboard.


Autodesk BIM 360 - Construction Management

What is Autodesk BIM360?

Autodesk BIM360 is a project management tool for AECO professionals which lets them work in a collaborative environment. 

What kind of data can you pull from BIM360 in Toric? 

Toric integration for BIM360 allows users to pick and choose which BIM data to ingest into Toric, such as files, cost items, RFI’s, and more.

What can you do with BIM360 data?

This integration allows users to compare project changes against your model with every new version. As well as read files, folders, RFI’s and other common datasets. The automation feature streamlines data imports -- building a Dataflow once and letting it run for as long as the project is active.

PlanGrid- An Autodesk Acquisition 

What is PlanGrid?

PlanGrid provides the ability to access 3D models from the field on a mobile device.

What kind of data can you pull from PlanGrid in Toric?

With Toric’s integration to PlanGrid the user can access their project data in one location. Toric can access Tasks, RFIs, submittals, projects, and more through the cloud.

What can you do with PlanGrid data?

Users can break down their PlanGrid data of tasks, RFI’s, submittals, projects, and more into dashboards and reports in Toric. By using the automation feature reports are easy to update so you can always have the most updated real-time data.

It's simple to stay up to date with project tasks, deadlines, and the person responsible for such tasks. You can group RFI’s by schedule, cost,

Key Takeaway

Autodesk Construction Cloud contains all project data critical to success. Using Toric you can unlock this data and blend with with other sources to get insights across a project's lifecycle using automations and curated reports for stakeholders which are always up to date. Speak to our team to learn how we can help you and your specific needs or learn how to derive business insights with Autodesk’s Senior Director of Construction Industry Strategy Sunil Dorairajan and Thiago da Costa, CEO of Toric in the Toric X Autodesk webinar.

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